RDA Drupal Sites Have Merged

Two weeks ago, the drupal site that provides news and information about RDA Toolkit, and, a drupal site containing updates on the activities of the RDA Steering Committee (RSC), the RDA Board, and the regional committees, were moved to a new server, upgraded to drupal 10, and merged into a single website.

Abstract background with plexus effect. Scientific and technological concept with the use of technical elements formed in the shape of a circle.

NARDAC Spring Update Forum 2024

Do you have any questions about the training for the official RDA? What are the most challenging aspects of RDA trainings with the RDA Toolkit? Compared with the original RDA, how can one trainer adapt themselves and train others to use the official RDA Toolkit? If you have those questions, please come to the 2024 NARDAC Spring Update Forum.


January 2024 RDA Toolkit Release

A new release was posted to RDA Toolkit this week. The January 2024 release includes a couple of improvements to the RDA Toolkit, a couple of element name changes, and the introduction of a policy statements from Library and Archives Canada/Bibliothèque et Archives Canada in both English and French (LAC PS and BAC ÉP respectively).

Mix of blue and white dots used for RDA Toolkit Release Announcements