Welcome to the European RDA Interest Group

These are the web pages of the European RDA Interest Group (EURIG), which serves as the organizing body for European representation on the RSC.

Please see the News and announcements section for the latest information.

The Governance section contains key historical and operational documents.

The Members section gives details of members of EURIG, and a Membership Application Form.

Please see the Meetings section for information on past and upcoming EURIG meetings.

Enquiries about EURIG should be sent to the Secretary.

How to join

Representatives of organisations wishing to join the group should contact the Secretary of the EURIG Executive Committee.

A EURIG Membership Application Form should be downloaded and completed after reading the EURIG Cooperation Agreement.

Requests to join the EURIG Google Group, which is used for discussion and communication between EURIG members and non-members, should also be sent to the Secretary.

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