RDA Board

RDA Board Appointments

The RDA Board, which is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the development of RDA, will meet next month in London. In anticipation of the April meeting the Board recently announced the current appointments for the April meeting. Attendees will include new American Library Association representative Keri Cascio and Latin American representative Angela Quiroz Ubierna. More information on the appointments are available here and here

Keri Cascio Joining RDA Board jhennelly Fri, 02/24/2017 - 12:50

Effective immediately, Keri Cascio will represent the American Library Association (ALA) on the Board of Directors for Resource, Description and Access (RDA), a unified cataloging standard designed for the global, digital world and metadata users in many environments.

Committee of Principals Affirms Commitment to the Internationalisation of RDA

The Committee of Principals for RDA has issued the following statement dated 29 May 2015: RDA is a package of data elements, guidelines, and instructions for creating library and cultural heritage resource metadata that are well-formed according to international models for user-focussed linked data applications. RDA has always been a continually evolving standard that aims to reflect the requirements of the cataloguing, metadata and description community.