Learning Resources

Learning Resources

The links to online resources on this regularly updated page are provided to support teaching and training in RDA cataloging. We encourage any suggestions of new resources or events for inclusion here.

There are three important resources maintained by RDA Toolkit and the RDA Steering Committee (RSC) that should be bookmarked by anyone interested in keeping up with RDA updates and changes. 

  • RDA Toolkit YouTube channel -- contains instructional videos on how to use the RDA Toolkit and recordings of RDA-related presentations.  All demos and webinars from 2021 and 2022 have been posted to this channel.
  • RSC Presentations -- includes PDFs of slide presentations by RSC members and others. It is part of the RSC website which contains important documentation and updates on RSC activities and announcements.  
  • RDA Toolkit News and Information -- updates on RDA Toolkit releases and development and announcements about RDA -related events and activities.


Introductions to RDA Toolkit Beta Site

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the beta RDA Toolkit and the 3R Project, which resulted in the new RDA Toolkit launched in December 2020, here are some good introductions.

Information on the LRM

The IFLA Library Reference Model, better known as the LRM, was introduced in 2017. It is a high-level conceptual reference model developed within an entity-relationship modelling framework. It is the consolidation of the separately developed IFLA conceptual models: FRBR, FRAD, and FRSAD.

Key RDA Concepts

The 3R Project introduced new concepts to RDA and also presented new approaches to established concepts. Some of these concepts are covered in the links that follow. 

RDA and Linked Data

One of the original goals of RDA is to align its instructions with linked data principles. The links below address how this goal is being met. 

  • RDA Linked Data Stuff -- pdf of presentation by Gordon Dunsire at the ALA Annual Conference. From June 2019. 

RDA Exercises

  • RDA Toolkit Workshop -- all of the slides and handouts from the workshop held at the 2020 ALA Midwinter Meetings. There are 4 exercises with answers. From January 2020.

Click here for learning resources related to the original RDA Toolkit