Conferences and Events

NARDAC Fall Update Forum 2023 jhennelly Tue, 10/24/2023 - 14:24

The North American RDA Committee (NARDAC) Update Forum is an event aimed at bringing together experts in the field of library and information science to present/discuss developments in RDA and RDA related cataloging work. NARDAC invites the RDA Steering Committee (RSC) Chair, Renate Behrens, the representatives of four RSC Working Groups, and a representative of Library of Archives and Canada (LAC) to join 2023 Fall Update Forum. The forum will introduce the RSC working groups, their current work, and their future plans.

Register for the Free Fall NARDAC Update Forum rrobinson Fri, 10/14/2022 - 10:36

The North American RDA Committee (NARDAC) will host the regional representatives from Europe (EURIG) and Oceania (ORDAC), the members of the RDA Steering Committee (RSC), and PCC RDA Testing Task Group as speakers at the 2022 NARDAC Fall Update Forum. The forum will present regional groups’ updates and RDA (Resource Description and Access) related policy work, RSC’s Action Plan, RDA Toolkit development, and PCC RDA testing update. It will be held Monday, November 14, 2022 from 3 to 5 PM ET/2 to 4 PM CT. Speakers include Adam Baron, Dr.

Register for Cataloging Video Resources with RDA and MARC21: Best Practices rrobinson Thu, 09/22/2022 - 18:43

Please register for the October ALA eLearning webinar Cataloging Video Resources with RDA and MARC21: Best Practices here.

Produced by ALA eLearning, this two-part webinar series takes place Wednesday, October 26 and Thursday, October 27, 2022, starting at 2:30pm Eastern/1:30pm Central/12:30pm Mountain/11:30am Pacific. Each session will last 90 minutes.

Take Off on the Post-Migration RDA Toolkit with Our New Demo

The recent migration of RDA Toolkit to new servers also included a change in the authentication system for the website. This 26-minute demo, led by James Hennelly, covers changes to login practices and management of subscriptions related to this new environment. The webinar does not cover the application of RDA instructions or concepts, but it is useful for those who manage subscriptions or train cataloging professionals who need to determine how to set up a subscription to RDA Toolkit and get access for their staff or students. 

RDA at ALA Annual 2021/22

This year's ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition offers both live and on demand educational programming. While the sessions schedule (in progress) can be viewed here, we'd like to highlight several programs that we think might be especially interesting to the RDA community:

RDA Lab Series returns in 2022 rrobinson Thu, 02/04/2021 - 18:14

This year's RDA Lab Series will consist of six modules, each consisting of four 60-minute sessions. Sessions will take place on Thursdays at 12:00pm Eastern/11:00am Central/10:00am Mountain/9:00am Pacific starting on April 28, 2022.

The RDA Lab Series is designed to help participants understand how to apply the new RDA and RDA Toolkit created by the 3R Project. This series will provide hands-on experience using the new RDA and RDA Toolkit with an RDA Lab application profile.

View Free RDA Toolkit Demo

On January 26th a free live demo was held to introduce the public to the redesigned RDA Toolkit. Now that the RDA Toolkit Restructure and Redesign Project (3R) is complete, it is a good time to get acquainted with all the features and functions of the new Toolkit. The hour-long webinar, New RDA Toolkit Demo, covered navigating and searching the improved RDA Toolkit, new features and functions of the site, and some tips for getting the most out of it.

RDA at the ALA Midwinter Meeting jhennelly Wed, 01/08/2020 - 15:25

The ALA Midwinter Meeting and Exhibits will take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from January 24th to 28th, and there will be plenty of activities for those with an interest in RDA and updates on the 3R Project. of particular note are three events organized by the members of the North American RDA Committee (NARDAC) and the RDA Steering Committee (RSC).

A Fun Thing to Do at the ALA Midwinter Meeting jhennelly Mon, 12/16/2019 - 16:30

RDA Toolkit is hosting a preconference workshop at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia. The workshop aims to demystify the beta site and prepare catalogers for the future transition to the updated standard. New terms and concepts will be explained and their understanding reinforced through hands-on exercises. Basic information about the beta RDA Toolkit, including structure, navigation, and important changes to RDA content, will also be provided.

RSC Heading to Santiago for Annual Meeting

The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) will convene in Santiago, Chile for its annual meeting during the week of October 21-25. The RSC will be hosted by the Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile. This is the first time that the RSC meeting has has been held in Latin America, and the meeting was arranged to align with the Second Colloquium on RDA in Latin America, which will be held nearby at the Biblioteca Nacional de Chile.