RDA at ALA Annual 2021/22

RDA at ALA Annual 2021/22

ALA Annual 2021

This year's ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition offers both live and on demand educational programming. While the sessions schedule (in progress) can be viewed here, we'd like to highlight several programs that we think might be especially interesting to the RDA community:

- New Technologies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: An exploration of how digital technologies are changing fundamental expectations and behaviors in libraries and library users. (Available On-Demand)

- Managing Change: How to Lead in an Ever-Changing World: A discussion of strategies for reorganizing job duties in response to budget changes, new technologies scheduled for rollout, and external pressures. (Available On-Demand)

- Integrating Smart Assistant Technology into Library Services: A close look at new technologies that allow library staff to explore platforms only available in foreign languages, using a smart assistant that can help translate the content of those platforms for them. (Available On-Demand)

- Measuring the Intercultural Effectiveness of Library Leaders: A discussion of the role that cultural competency plays in the work of library staff who select and manage holdings in STEM, art, architecture and planning fields. (Live and Recorded)

ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition registrants will have access to 300 conference educational programs for one full year. You do not need to be an ALA member to register. With pricing as low as $59 USD, ALA Annual registration is open here.


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