A Fun Thing to Do at the ALA Midwinter Meeting

A Fun Thing to Do at the ALA Midwinter Meeting

Reading Market in Philadelphia

RDA Toolkit is hosting a preconference workshop at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia. The workshop aims to demystify the beta site and prepare catalogers for the future transition to the updated standard. New terms and concepts will be explained and their understanding reinforced through hands-on exercises. Basic information about the beta RDA Toolkit, including structure, navigation, and important changes to RDA content, will also be provided. RDA Experts, including members of the North American RDA Committee, will lead the workshop and be available for questions throughout.

The workshop will run for 3 hours and will be held twice on Friday, January 24th with one session in the morning and one in the afternoon. The same content will be presented at both workshops so you should only plan to attend only one. A level of comfort with the current RDA Toolkit is needed, because presenters will make comparisons between the current site and the beta site. Bring a laptop (or sit with a friend who has one) to do the exercises. A coffee break (including tea, soda, water, and, of course, coffee) will be provided.


RDA Toolkit Workshop

Philadelphia Marriott, Liberty A

Friday, January 24th

Session 1: 8:30-11:30 am  Session 2: 1:30-4:30 pm