RDA Toolkit Release - April 12, 2016

A new release of RDA Toolkit was published on April 12, 2016. When there is a new release for RDA Toolkit, it is typically made on the second Tuesday of the month. Releases typically contain changes to content and metadata, enhancements to RDA Toolkit functionality, and fixes to existing bugs. You can subscribe to our RSS development feed to get notification of releases. The details of the April release follow.

Special Release to RDA Toolkit -- Italian RDA

On March 8th, RDA Toolkit published the Italian language translation of RDA. The new translation is accessible to all with a subscription to RDA Toolkit. Users whose browser language preference is set to Italian will be automatically logged into the Italian version of RDA. Users may also log into to their profiles and set Italian as their preferred language. This special March release was added to enable RDA training in Italian to proceed with access to translation. The translation is complete through the April 2014 update to RDA.

Announcing the Italian translation of RDA

In 2014 ALA Publishing, on behalf of the RDA Co-Publishers, signed an agreement on the Italian language rights translation in RDA: Resource Description and Access with the Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries (ICCU) that is responsible for the translation of the Italian language version of the new cataloguing standard. ICCU acquires the exclusive license for the Italian translation of the standard and it is licensed to publish the digital version in RDA Toolkit.