RDA Workshop Exercises for All

RDA Workshop Exercises for All

RDA Workshop Exercises

The RDA Toolkit Workshop: A Crash Course was held twice (morning and afternoon sessions) on Friday, January 24th at the Philadelphia Marriott Hotel. The workshop debuted a new approach to RDA orientation that seeks to explain changes to the standard and the Toolkit related to the 3R Project and LRM alignment through practical exercises and interaction with the beta RDA Toolkit. Included here are presentations explaining some basic concepts of the revised RDA and exercises and answers that can be completed on paper. In addition there are supporting documents that will be of use to those new to the beta RDA Toolkit. Feel free to use this material to run your own RDA Workshop. If you have nay questions, contact us at rdatoolkit@ala.org.


Exercises with Answers

Supporting Documents from the Workshop

  • Using the Beta RDA Toolkit [pdf] -- this manual gives an overview of the beta RDA Toolkit features and functionality. You'll find plenty of useful tips for navigating the beta site.
  • For More Info [pdf] -- this useful page contains links to key RDA resources, many of which are regularly updated. The RSSC Presentation links and the YouTube channel, in particular have new and good information.
  • Workshop Handout [pdf] -- Workshop attendees will get a hard copy of this document at the event. It includes the agenda, useful tips, and the exercises. Answers to the exercises will be posted after the workshop.