In Appreciation

In Appreciation

The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) acknowledges special contributions by individuals who have completed their service on the RSC, who have been members of Working Groups, who have otherwise contributed to the development of the RDA text or related services, who have made local arrangements for RSC meetings, or who have contributed to the promotion of RDA by arranging and/or participating in related events.

[Individuals who were acknowledged before 2015 are listed in the archived JSC website (]


Renate Behrens Cinzia Bufalino Edith Röschlau
Judy Kuhagen


Jennifer Baxmeyer Barbara Bushman Carol Campbell
Paul Cunnea Alan Danskin Graeme Forbes
Deborah Fritz Richard Fritz Kathy Glennan
Gill Hamilton Diane Hillman Galen Jones
Ebe Kartus Robert Maxwell Francine Millard
Susanne Oehlschläger Jean Pajerek Jon Phipps
Melanie Polutta Chris Todd Susan Wynne
Thurstan Young
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