Server Migration Update

Server Migration Update

Server with Plug Ins

UPDATE: As of 3pm CST on January 14th, the migration is complete. 

UPDATE: The migration process is underway. You may encounter a brief disruption to service as the change propagates across the internet. Simply clear your browser cache and refresh. Contact us at if you experience an access issue that lasts longer than an hour.

UPDATE: The migration has been postponed to Friday, January 14th.

The long-awaited migration of and is scheduled to take place on Thursday, January 13th. The migration will have the following impacts on normal user interaction with the Toolkit. 

  • On the day of the migration, it will take some time for the new server location to populate across the web. Users may experience difficulties accessing the RDA websites for a few minutes or as much as an hour. If you do encounter this problem we suggesting clearing your browser history as a first a corrective step. If the problem persists please contact us at
  • We also ask that users abstain from creating any new bookmarks or notes or adding/editing documents on the day of January 13th. This will ensure that none of their data is lost in the migration.
  • In order to maintain data control during this migration, we will temporarily suspend the free trial sign up service beginning Tuesday, January 11th. We will restart the service after the migration is completed. This does not mean that users with free trials will lose RDA Toolkit access. It just means that no new free trials can be created between Tuesday the 11th and the completion of the migration.
  • Between January 11th and the completion of the migration, we will not be able to process renewals or new subscription requests. We will hold these orders and process them as soon as we are able.

The RDA Toolkit team will inform everyone when the migration is complete and will be available to address any problems that might occur in relation to this work. Just contact us at

We appreciate your patience while we make this important transition.