RDA in Translation

One of the stated goals of RDA: Resource Description and Access is to be standard that is "... able to be used in other language communities". To this end the RDA Co-Publishers have pursued translation agreements with outside organizations in order to provide high quality translations of RDA in a range of non-English languages. Translations projects begin with an agreement between the Co-Publishers and some entity (such as a publishing house, a national library or library organizations) that is native to the translation language. Translations of RDA typically result in the production of a print publication, and may also be appear online in RDA Toolkit. For a complete description of the translations options and requirements please review the Translation Policy for RDA and RDA Toolkit.

Presently there are five ongoing translations of RDA--Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. Follow the links below to learn more about the goals and progress of each translation project.

If your organization is interested in a pursing a translation agreement with the Co-Publishers of RDA, contact us at rdatoolkit@ala.org.