RDA Toolkit Subscription Purchase Online

If you cannot complete a purchase online or are in one of the following purchasing categories, please visit the relevant page: RDA Toolkit subscription purchase offline; consortia and group subscriptions; training and classroom access; subscription agencies, distributors, booksellers; subscribers in Asia; subscribers in Spain and Latin America.

RDA Toolkit Institutional Subscription, Buy

RDA Toolkit Institutional Subscription

  • Designed for one user or multi-user environments.
  • Any number of users includes an unlimited number of individuals/profiles in the same institution so long as they’re not accessing RDA Toolkit at the same time.
  • Any number of users can set up profiles.
  • Add additional users at any time.
  • Allows you to share workflows and mappings within the institution.
Please note that you need to “Accept” the RDA Toolkit License agreement (PDF of license available below) and the subscription terms, and then select the number of concurrent users you would like to add to your purchase. During checkout, you have the option to pay in any of the currencies listed. Twenty-four to forty-eight hours after you complete the checkout process, the RDA Toolkit staff will contact you to confirm your order.

Subscribers to the RDA Toolkit will need to sign the RDA Toolkit License Agreement. You do not need to sign and return the End User License Agreement (EULA)—it is here for your information. These licenses/agreements follow standard practice for this kind of product.

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