NARDAC Forum Recap

NARDAC Forum Recap

Tue, 08/04/2020 - 07:11
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The North American RDA Committee, also known as NARDAC, hosted online forum on Monday, August 3rd at 3 pm EDT. The forum was free to all and can now be experienced on our YouTube page. We have also made slides from the forum available to all.

Highlights of the forum included presentations from both members of NARDAC on recent activities of the group and other RDA experts on some key RDA topics, including policy statements, translations, and RDA conformance.

Our program line-up was as follows:

  • RDA Hot Topics, Thomas Brenndorfer, NARDAC Representative to the RSC
  • RDA/PS conversion project update: the LC/PCC policy statements, Melanie Polutta, LC Representative to NARDAC
  • Getting ready for the new RDA Toolkit: updates from Library and Archives Canada, Thi Bao Tran Phan, CCC Representative to NARDAC
  • Translating the new RDA Toolkit into French, Daniel Paradis, Translations Team Liaison Officer
  • RDA Toolkit Update, James Hennelly, Director of ALA Digital Reference
  • RDA conformance in a complex environment, Stephen Hearn, ALA Representative to NARDAC
  • 3R is almost done - what's next?, Kathy Glennan, RSC Chair

We encourage you to provide feedback on what you learned from the forum by e-mail to