Accessing RDA Toolkit Remotely

Accessing RDA Toolkit Remotely

Tue, 03/17/2020 - 15:56
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During this period of concern about the COVID-19 virus, more and more people are working at home or at some other remote location while their institution is closed. Fortunately, RDA Toolkit is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection and a subscription. Now seems like a good time to remind our users how to access RDA Toolkit remotely.

Connecting to the Current RDA Toolkit (

The current RDA Toolkit can be accessed from anywhere with an Account ID and Password

If you access your account through IP authentication at your institution, you may not know your account ID and password, or you may have forgotten it. In this case you should contact your subscription administrator for the login information.

Your subscription administrator is the person responsible for your institution's RDA Toolkit account. It may be your supervisor; it may be someone else within your institution. 

If your subscription administrator is uncertain about the login, then have her or him contact us at We can work with your administrator to share the login with you.

NOTE: we cannot share the account login without permission from the subscription administrator.

Connecting to the Beta RDA Toolkit (

The beta RDA Toolkit is also accessible from anywhere with an account ID and password, and the same practice for obtaining a login that is described above applies to the beta site. 

However, the beta site does allow users to login with their Profile Name and Password; no need to use the account login. This is another advantage to creating a profile in RDA Toolkit.

One more thing... the beta RDA Toolkit features a responsive design, which means it is optimized for use on tablets or smartphones for those who might be limited to those devices.

If you need any assistance getting access or navigating RDA Toolkit, please contact us at