The rdaaust discussion list becomes rdaoceania

The rdaaust discussion list becomes rdaoceania

Wed, 09/04/2019 - 10:31
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Followers of RDA may be aware of the existence of the Australian RDA discussion list, rdaaust, which was set up ahead of the implementation of RDA in 2010. A major change has occurred with this list as explained by Jenny Stephens of the National Library of Australia and secretary of the Oceania RDA Committee (ORDAC) in a recent post to the RDA-L list. 

ORDAC has recently taken over the ownership of this list, and we have changed its name to “rdaoceania”.  It is now a discussion list for RDA as it relates to the Oceania region. As a forum for discussing RDA cataloguing issues, the list is an opportunity to build professional networks, and learn about new products and services related to RDA and its implementation.

The rdaoceania list will be used by the Oceania RDA Committee (ORDAC) as the main tool for directly updating the region about RDA.  It may also be used by national resource description communities such as the LIANZA Cataloguing (CATSIG) Community and the ALIA Community on Resource Description (ACORD) to communicate information about activities in relation to RDA, such as conferences, training courses and other events that are of relevance to the RDA community in those countries. 

If you are from the Oceania region, have an interest in RDA, and are not already subscribed to rdaoceania, we’d love you to subscribe and join the community. If you are not from the Oceania region, please promote rdaoceania to your colleagues in the Oceania region. Instructions for subscribing are below and also available on the ORDAC website.

Subscribing to the rdaoceania list

To subscribe to the list send a message to:

In the subject line of your message, type in: subscribe rdaoceania Firstname Name (replace Firstname Name with your own first name and last name).

For example: subscribe rdaoceania Mary Smith

Leave the message body blank

You should then receive a welcome message with details of how to post messages to the list.

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Jenny Stephens|Oceania RDA Committee (ORDAC)| Secretary