What to Expect from the RDA Toolkit Beta Site

What to Expect from the RDA Toolkit Beta Site

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The RDA Toolkit Restructure and Redesign Project, also known as the 3R Project, will accomplish a major milestone on June 13th with the release of a beta version of the redesigned RDA Toolkit. The release of the beta version will take place during the evening in North America, so most users should expect to get their first glimpse of the website on June 14th. The beta site will be accessible through a linked button on the current Toolkit site at rdatoolkit.org. There will also be a button in the top banner of all current RDA Toolkit pages.

The beta Toolkit is a work in progress and not a completed site. It is not the final and official version of RDA content; the current, non-beta Toolkit remains the official version of RDA until public notice is given. 

The beta site will remain in beta status until the RDA Steering Committee, the RDA Board, and the RDA Co-Publishers have unanimously agreed that the redesign of the site is complete, the RDA standard text is stable, and the full site content (translations and policy statements) is available. Shortly after that decision, public notice will be given and the beta site will become the official RDA site. The current site will remain available for one year following that notice to allow for a smooth transition. 

Some things to know about the beta Toolkit

  • The beta site is accessible to RDA Toolkit subscribers. If you do not have a subscription, you can access the beta site by signing up for a 30-day free trial.
  • The beta site contains almost all of the final design and functionality planned for the 3R Project, including improved accessibility and a responsive design that makes the site usable on tablets and mobile devices.
  • Users may log into the beta site either with the account ID and password used on the current site or with their profile name and password. The double login has been eliminated. 
  • The content of the site includes the initial implementation of the Library Reference Model. See the RDA Steering Committee (RSC) announcement for more information
  • Users may create new bookmarks, notes, and documents on the beta site.
  • PDF versions of content are not yet ready.
  • The Help section is not yet ready.
  • No translations will be available in the initial release of the beta site.
  • No policy statements are available in the initial release of the beta site, but there are test examples of potential policy statements at the instructions for carrier type and font size. You will need to set your view to include LC-PCC PS and BLPS.
  • No user-created documents (workflows, bookmarks, etc.) will be carried over to the beta site because the links will not work properly. 
  • A recorded orientation to the beta site will be available on or near the release date.

Providing feedback on the beta Toolkit

The beta site is being released now for public evaluation and feedback. It is important for the RSC and the Co-Publishers that Toolkit users visit the beta site, evaluate both the content and features, and share with their thoughts with us. 

A feedback submission form is available here. Please use this form to submit any insights, concerns, and suggestions that you have on the beta site.

Schedule going forward

Following the June release, corrections, improvements, and additions will continuously be made to the beta site functionality and content. The publishers of RDA Toolkit and the RSC will endeavor to keep users informed of significant changes.