Update on Profiles and the Admin Site

Update on Profiles and the Admin Site

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The issues related to the recent site migration are now largely resolved. The site migration also included a switch to new authentication service, and as a result some practices will be altered. These new practices are described below.


The profile login issue we have been experiencing since the start of the migration is the result of a high number of profiles and accounts with the same username and email address. The only solution we can identify is to filter out as many of these duplicate accounts as possible. This is an imperfect solution but seemingly the best available. Our expectation is that most profiles will now work, but for those who still cannot access their profiles, they have two possible recourses.

  1. Try logging in with your email address rather than the profile username.
  2. Contact us at rdatoolkit@ala.org to change the username on the account.

If neither of these actions succeed, then unfortunately the user will have to create a new profile.

Here's a couple tips to help you avoid profile login issues going forward.

  1. Profile usernames must be unique and should not include any spaces.
  2. Do not create multiple profiles with the same email address--one profile per email address.

Admin Site

The implementation of a new authentication service means a new admin site experience. This new user interface is still a few weeks away from readiness for use by Toolkit subscribers. When it is ready the new admin site will only allow subscribers to access usage reports. Subscribers interested in changing account emails, passwords or other settings will have to do so through requests made to rdatoolkit@ala.org.

For those seeking to manage staff profiles, additions may be done through the Toolkit interface; deletions will be done by request to rdatoolkit@ala.org