RDA Webinar series from CORE

RDA Webinar series from CORE

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CORE will present a four-part webinar series “The New and Official RDA Toolkit: A Practical Approach” this month. Originally presented as an in-person preconference for the 2022 Core Forum, this webinar is geared toward catalogers, metadata librarians, and anyone interested in Resource Description and Access (RDA). Core members and non-members are welcome to attend.

The four-part series “The New and Official RDA Toolkit: A Practical Approach” covers the basics of the official Resource Description and Access (RDA) Toolkit that one should know before using the standard and presents how to use the RDA Toolkit with other cataloging documentation, including policy statements and Metadata Guidance Documents (MGDs). Specific examples and detailed steps will be demonstrated in the presentations to help users understand not only the content structure of RDA in a comprehensive way but also ways to use the Toolkit with the assistance of cataloging documentation.

The series begins on March 14th. Webinars are held at 1 pm CT and run over successive weeks. 

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