RDA Free Trials and Things to Do While Stuck at Home

RDA Free Trials and Things to Do While Stuck at Home

Free trial and other remote activities

During this period where many, many folks are staying at home and either working remotely or just trying to be productive in some way, we have a few options to offer.

Extended Free Trials

Starting today, free trials of RDA Toolkit will run for 60 days instead of 30. If you signed up for a free trial in the last 30 days, you will still get the extra 30 days. If you had a free trial a long time ago, no worries. You can still sign up for a 60 day trial. 

Here's what to do. Go the Free Trial page and complete the form. All that is required is your name, your institution name and a valid email address. This trial is for individuals and institutions so you can simply put your name in the institution field if that is your preference.You'll also notice that the form says the trial period is 30 days. Just ignore that. You'll get 60 days of access, we promise. Then click submit, and you're done. You will get a confirmation email with your login information. If you have any issues completing the sign up process or accessing the Toolkit, please contact us at rdatoolkit@ala.org.

Watch RDA Videos on YouTube

Have you ever visited the RDA Toolkit YouTube channel? It has short videos that provide tips for using the beta RDA Toolkit and recordings of presentations that explain new concepts and practices introduced by IFLA's Library Reference Model and the 3R Project. Slides of RDA presentations can also be found on the RDA Steering Committee website

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Take our Survey

We know this might sound like a platitude, but your feedback really does matter a lot to us! Decisions about the content and interface of RDA Toolkit are informed by the feedback of our subscribers. The more you share with us, the better we can meet the needs of our users. Take our short, four-question survey to let us know how your user experience is going and what you'd like to see on the next version of RDA Toolkit.

Connect with Friends

While you're checking in on friends and colleagues around the world, let them know that RDA Toolkit is available to them as well.