Next Release to the RDA Toolkit Beta Site

Next Release to the RDA Toolkit Beta Site

New Beta Release

The next release to the RDA Toolkit beta site was expected to be ready in late September. However, the release will be delayed to October 9th in order to include a substantial update to the MARC 21 mapping, in both content and display. The display change will include organizing the mappings into separate ordered lists for bibliographic and authority mappings. These lists, which can be quite long in some instances, will be hidden to prevent excessive scrolling. The lists can be opened with a single click.

Other highlights to the October 9th release include...

  • new Dublin Core Terms mappings, 
  • a 0-9 section for numbered glossary entries,
  • improved searching on cataloging terms, MARC fields, and instruction numbers from the original Toolkit,
  • corrections to errors in functionality of user tools (bookmarks, notes, linking and documents),
  • enhancements to the html editor in the document creation tool, including the ability to attach a pdf to the document,
  • and fixes to tablet display.

Many of these changes came to us through the user feedback form, so do continue submit new suggestions.

For more information about recent changes to the RDA Toolkit beta site, see the August release announcement.