Metadata and Linked Data eCourse Starts Next Month

Metadata and Linked Data eCourse Starts Next Month

If you’re looking for an introduction to metadata and linked data, you may be interested in this upcoming eCourse.


Introduction to Metadata and Linked Data eCourse

6-week eCourse, begins Feb. 12


Computers increasingly collect, manage, and analyze data for scholarly research. Linked data and metadata give libraries the ability to support this eResearch, making them powerful tools. Many libraries are a tipping point in adoption of linked data, and librarians that don't learn about this topic are at risk of falling behind.


In this eCourse, Dr. Oksana L. Zavalina—an experienced instructor with extensive teaching and research experience in linked data and metadata—will provide you with the tools to get started and the resources to learn more on your own. Zavalina will cover topics such as the building blocks of metadata scheme (structure, syntax, and semantics); how metadata schemes are implemented in database records; application of several metadata schemes that are most widely used in digital libraries, including Dublin Core and MODS; and the role of metadata in Semantic Web and Linked Data environment.


Individuals can register and find out more information about the eCourse here: