March 2024 RDA Toolkit Release

March 2024 RDA Toolkit Release

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A new release was posted to RDA Toolkit last week. The March 2024 release includes light changes to RDA content, the introduction of the new Community Resources space, and the additon of the Orientation version of the Guidance menu in French and Finnish languages.

Changes to the RDA standard include correction of typos, broken or missing links, etc. Most notable is the removal of some condition options related tothe transcription guidance to the Legacy Community Resources pages. There were also updates to the French and Finnish language translations and all policy statements sets.

The Community Resources space has been rebuilt so that it can host contributions from a broad range of RDA Toolkit subscribers. Contributions to the CR space can be made through using the RDA content management system or the HTML editor available on the Toolkit. Learn more about the CR space here. Contributors to the CR space must first be approved by the RDA Steering Committee. If you are interested in being a contributor, please complete this online form.

Learn more about the March 2024 Release.

The next release of RDA Toolkit will be in July, 2024.