February Update to the Beta Site

February Update to the Beta Site

Beta Site Update

On Thursday, February 21st, a new release of the RDA Toolkit beta site was posted. In addition to fixed links, corrected typos and other minor changes to the text, the release also includes several significant changes to the site display and functionality. Here some of the key changes.

  • The "Recently Viewed" list is now updating properly.
  • The "Create Link" tool is now accessible without logging into a profile.
  • Several improvements have been made to search and search display, including the option to search only the glossary. 
  • The HTML editor used for creating documents has an expanded toolbar to support more formatting options.
  • A new "Public" setting has been added to the user interface of the Document creation tool that allows documents to be shared outside the Toolkit paywall. Documents marked "Public" can be accessed by RDA Toolkit visitors who are not subscribers.  

Many of these changes came to us through the user feedback form so do continue submit new suggestions.

This release also reflects the accumulation of several updates made to the content in the past months, including the break out of agent relationship elements, as well as the rollout of new elements and guidance chapters.

The next release to the Beta Toolkit site will be in April and will include the stabilization of the English language RDA and upgrades to the site functionality.