Citation Numbering Arrives

Citation Numbering Arrives

Citation Numbering

Citation numbering has been added to the beta site in response to a user need to reference RDA passages in print materials and other non-digital communications. 

The format for these numbers is XX.XX.XX.XX. The numbers are random, permanent, and searchable. 

Numbers will be accessible from the popup tool bar. Simply highlight text for which you want a citation number. This will bring up the popup toolbar.

Citation Number in popup toolbar

Click on the # icon to open a dialog box that contains the relevant citation number. Click the copy button to add the number to your clipboard.

Citation Number dialog box

Not every paragraph in the beta site will have its own unique citation number. The numbers have been implemented  in Entity/Element and Guidance pages, and they have been assigned to all Conditions, Options, and headers (with the exception of Definition and Scope, Element Reference, and Related Elements).

When a citation number is inserted in the search box found in the beta site toolbar, the search will resolve directly to the relevant text. The text block associated with the number will be highlighted.

Citation Number search result