August Update to the Beta Site

August Update to the Beta Site

Beta Site Update

On Thursday, August 16, a small update was made to the RDA Toolkit beta site. In addition to fixed links, corrected typos and other minor changes to the text, the update also included several significant changes to the site display and functionality. Here some of the key changes.

  • The login box has been updated to indicate when the users are not logged in and when they are only logged into their subscription.
  • The "Create Link" tool is now working properly.
  • All pages now include a back-to-top button that scrolls wth the page. 
  • The categories associated with the element lists in entity pages have been removed.
  • There is now an additional logout button (labelled "Log Out Institution") that allows subscribers with IP authentication to fully logout of the beta site and and immediately free up a user seat.
  • A proper logout page is in place.

Many of these changes came to us through the user feedback form so do continue submit new suggestions.

Another important part of this update is a change to the display of what were formerly if/then statements. The if portion of these statements are now grouped in yellow boxes with the title "Condition". Users should assume an "and" relationship between each statement in any yellow box. The then portion of these statements appears a grey Option box. The RSC is testing this new approach to these type of instructions, and any feedback is welcome.

There will be another update to the beta site around September 19th. It will include further revisions to the RDA content and upgrades to the site functionality.