2022 Pricing for RDA Toolkit Announced

2022 Pricing for RDA Toolkit Announced


Effective January 1, 2022, list prices for annual institutional subscriptions to RDA Toolkit - purchased directly through the ALA or the RDA Toolkit website - will range from $197 USD (for 1 user) to $167 USD (for 20 or more users). Our full 2022 list pricing follows:

1 user:                 $197 USD per user

2 to 4 users:        $189 USD per user

5 to 9 users:        $186 USD per user

10 to 14 users:    $180 USD per user

15 to 19 users:    $174 USD per user

20+ users:           $167 USD per user

Institutions subscribing through consortia, or distributors such as iGroup and InfoLink, should contact their consortium or distribution managers to confirm their 2022-2023 pricing. Beginning next year, we will standardize a 2% discount off our list prices for consortia with 5 to 9 institutions subscribing, and maintain our previous discounts of 5% for consortia with 10 to 14 institutions subscribing, 8% for consortia with 15 to 19 institutions subscribing, and 13% for consortia with 20 or more institutions subscribing. Consortia with fewer than 5 subscribing institutions will not be entitled to discounts off our list prices.

Note: If your consortium has a contract with ALA Digital Reference valid beyond 2021, the terms of that contract will be upheld.

Pricing for 2021-2022 LIS annual subscriptions, intended for classroom instruction of RDA Toolkit, was announced in November 2020 and posted here on our website. No changes to that pricing are currently scheduled for 2022-2023.

We will continue to encourage subscription through our website, and through a consortium manager, distribution contact or ALA Digital Reference staff if those channels are more appropriate. Contact rdatoolkit@ala.org if you are ever uncertain about how to subscribe.