Revision History on the Beta Site

Revision History on the Beta Site

Screen Shot of a Difference Report

The September 5, 2019 release to the beta RDA Toolkit included the introduction to the Revision History section of the Toolkit.This new section of the Toolkit is meant to more effectively address users' need to track and comprehend significant changes to the RDA standard. This section is very much a beta version itself and any feedback on how it might be approved is welcome.

Revision History in the Resources tab

The Revision History is located under the Resources tab in the main navigation menu. It allows users to track changes made to the standard through the Release Notes component and to access earlier versions of the instructions through the Instruction Archive component. The Toolkit will maintain a unique Revision History section, with Release Notes and an Instruction Archive for each language version of RDA.

Check out the Revision History section for yourself or watch a video introduction on the RDA Toolkit YouTube channel.