Important Note on Beta Site Update (December)

Important Note on Beta Site Update (December)

Beta Site Update

This Wednesday evening (December 12th) an update to the beta site will introduce changes to the appellation elements  as well as a range of other corrections and revision to other files.

The update will also contain significant changes made to the structure of the files. The change should not impact most users of the beta site as the site is not complete and not yet authorized for cataloging work. However users who have experimented with creating documents, bookmarks and notes will lose this work when the update is made live. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this work, but it was necessary to make this change now before it impacted a much larger number of users. Please take steps to preserve any content that you need to save prior to Wednesday evening.


Documents will be retained, but their links to RDA will break. Bookmarks and notes will be lost.