Sign Up for Free RDA Toolkit Demos in French and Spanish

Sign Up for Free RDA Toolkit Demos in French and Spanish

Thu, 10/28/2021 - 11:57

In December 2021 and January 2022, the American Library Association will offer free RDA Toolkit demos in the French and Spanish languages respectively. Those thirty-minute demos will be presented by two librarians with RDA expertise: Ángela Quiroz of Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile, and Daniel Paradis of Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec. 

Each demo will feature a 30-minute overview of RDA Toolkit's features and functionality, followed by 30 additional minutes for the presenters to answer questions live from both new and experienced RDA Toolkit users. Demos will be recorded and posted to our YouTube channel for viewing at your convenience.

The demos are just two of ALA Digital Reference's upcoming RDA webinars, with Melissa Parent's RDA Application Profiles: A Practical Guide for the Perplexed scheduled to be presented today Thursday, October 28th, and Honor Moody's Entity Boundaries: Fixed or Fluid? scheduled to be presented on Monday, November 15th. You can still sign up to attend those webinars at their links if you have not already. Those webinars, like all ALA Digital Reference virtual events, will be available on our YouTube channel in the days after they're presented; we encourage you to subscribe to our channel!

Meanwhile, you can register for the French-language demo - which will be presented by Daniel Paradis at 8:30 AM Chicago time / 9:30 AM Montreal time / 3:30 PM Paris time on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 - here.

You can register for the Spanish-language demo - which will be presented by Ángela Quiroz at 11 AM Chicago time / 1 PM Santiago, Chile time / 6 PM Madrid time on Monday, January 10, 2022 - here.

Public English-language demos will resume in 2022 and be announced in the coming months. Past English-language demos can be viewed on our YouTube channel along with all of our other virtual events.

A final well-intentioned reminder: The American Library Association would like to learn more about what resources are available to the RDA community outside of the U.S. in order to provide improved access to educational resources. Please complete this survey on RDA International Access today so that we can better serve you.