Free Trials & Event Support

Free Trials & Event Support

Tue, 11/22/2016 - 09:00
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Informed decisions are typically better decisions. To insure that you are fully aware of all the features and benefits of RDA Toolkit and prepared to make the best possible decision for your institution, we are happy to offer the RDA Toolkit Free Trial. This offer includes one-time, 30-day access to RDA Toolkit and is available to everyone. 

Take a close look at what RDA Toolkit has to offer. It is fully searchable (even by AACR2 rule number) and includes integrated Library of Congress Policy Statements, mappings to MARC and AACR2, both Table of Contents and Element Set views of RDA, and tools to customize your organization's instruction program and procedures. We hope that you will take advantage of this offer and really put RDA Toolkit through its paces. We are certain you will find that it is the most effective way to interact with the new standard. 

You can sign up for a trial with unlimited number of users. The RDA Toolkit Free Trial includes full use of all RDA features, with the single exception of the print function. Register now for your trial. 

Leading an RDA workshop or event?

If you will be leading an RDA workshop or training event,  you can provide an additional 30 days free access to RDA Toolkit for everyone who attends your event. Learn more about this unique program.