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The latest on Print Updates

A new print accumulation of RDA will be issued in autumn 2013. The 2013 RDA Print Revision will contain:

  • A full accumulation of RDA—the revision contains a full set of all current RDA instructions. It replaces the previous version of RDA Print as opposed to being an update packet to that version. RDA has gone through many changes since it was first published in 2010. Cataloging practice described by RDA has not changed dramatically due to the changes above, but nearly every page in RDA Print was impacted by the changes, with the result that an RDA Print update packet would require nearly as many pages as the full revision.
  • The most current RDA—the revision contains all changes to RDA up to and including the 2013 RDA Update approved by the JSC. The JSC periodically issues changes to RDA to fix errors and to clarify meaning. These changes do not typically change cataloging practice as described by RDA. Annually the JSC considers proposals to update, enhance and maintain RDA as a current cataloging standard. These updates can and often do change the cataloging process as described by RDA.
  • Reworded RDA—the revision includes the reworded version of RDA instructions. To improve readability and comprehension of complex instructions, RDA has been edited and reworded since its original release. The rewording was carried out by the JSC, RDA Copy Editor, and reviewed by the U.S. RDA Test Coordinating Committee.

The first regular RDA Print Update is planned for mid-2014 and annually thereafter. Sign up for information about free trials, special introductory offers, and product updates here.

Where to purchase RDA: Resource Description and Access

All customers can subscribe to the online RDA Toolkit at: www.rdatoolkit.org/subscribe.

Customers in the U.S. and Mexico should purchase RDA print items from ALA Editions.

Customers in Canada should purchase RDA print items from Canadian Library Association.

Customers outside the U.S., Canada, and Mexico should purchase RDA print items from Facet Publishing.

RDA: Resource Description and Access

This full-text print version of RDA offers a snapshot that serves as an offline access point to help solo and part-time catalogers evaluate RDA, as well as to support training and classroom use in any size institution. An index is included. The online RDA Toolkit includes PDFs, but purchasing the print version offers a convenient, time saving-option.

RDA: Element Set

RDA: Element Set collects relevant information based on cataloging workflow in one place, for ease of use, and offers the full text of selected RDA instructions and examples organized by FRBR and FRAD entity and then alphabetically by RDA element, including sub-elements, element definitions, and related RDA-defined vocabularies. RDA elements are the data elements described by RDA instructions and encoded in formats such as MARC, Dublin Core, and others. Online, the RDA Element Set also offers links to current and evolving encoding standards documentation (currently MARC 21, with others planned over time) and to applicable national library policy statements (currently LC-PCC PS, with others planned over time).

RDA: Element Set is available online on the Tools tab in the RDA Toolkit, and there are plans to release RDA: Element Set in print, organized in two parts (sold as a single package). Part 1, Attributes, would describe the characteristics of the FRBR and FRAD entities, such as ISBN, ISSN, publisher, date of publication, scale, or type of score. Part 2, Relationships, would include data elements that describe the relationships among the FR entities, such as created by, composed by, or subject of, and the index to the entire Element Set.

The print RDA: Element Set would serve an offline access point for the single and partial cataloger institutions to evaluate RDA, as well as support training and classroom use in any size institution. The RDA Toolkit includes printable PDFs, but the snapshot-in-time print version would be a convenient, time-saving option.

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