RDA Toolkit Essentials

The webinar RDA Toolkit Essentials serves as an introduction and guide to using RDA Toolkit. Unlike past webinars, it is not a one-off event. Instead, it will return every other month (typically on the third Wednesday), and each occurrence of RDA Toolkit Essentials will focus on exactly that--the essentials of using RDA Toolkit. We'll review subscription options, logging in, navigating, creating Workflows, and setting bookmarks. We'll cover the variety of content available and offer tips for getting more from your account. And above all, we will answer your questions.

In the past RDA Toolkit has recorded all webinars and kept them in our training archive. The thought was that anyone who wanted to learn about RDA Toolkit could always access a past webinar. This remains a good idea, and we will continue to provide that service, including recordings of RDA Toolkit Essentials. But we strongly believe that a regular webinar dedicated to the needs of new users will facilitate more efficient and effective use of our product.

Every session of RDA Toolkit Essentials will be free and open to everyone. We hope the webinars become "must" for anyone who is new to cataloging or new to RDA: Resource Description and Access, or anyone needing a little refresher on one or two of RDA Toolkit's many features. With RDA Toolkit Essentials, attendees will receive a tour of the latest and greatest version of RDA Toolkit and will be assured that their questions or comments will be addressed.

Next Meeting of RDA Toolkit Essentials:

To Be Announced.

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