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An Update on Issues Related to the Server Migration jhennelly Tue, 01/25/2022 - 08:48

Unfortunately we have encountered several unexpected problems with the server migration. I apologize for how these problems have negatively affected users work and events. I did want to give everyone a detailed run down of the issues we are facing and the current status of our attempts to resolve these issues. 

Server Migration Update

UPDATE: As of 3pm CST on January 14th, the migration is complete. 

UPDATE: The migration process is underway. You may encounter a brief disruption to service as the change propagates across the internet. Simply clear your browser cache and refresh. Contact us at if you experience an access issue that lasts longer than an hour.

UPDATE: The migration has been postponed to Friday, January 14th.

Free Event Registration: RDA Roundtable on Policy Statements rrobinson Thu, 12/02/2021 - 09:40

Join us Tuesday, January 18th from 10:15 to 11:45 AM Chicago time for the RDA Roundtable on Policy Statements, a free virtual event.

An Update on Server Migration jhennelly Fri, 09/24/2021 - 13:06

The migration of RDA Toolkit and the original RDA Toolkit to new servers is currently scheduled for some time during the week of October 25th. You can learn more about the migration and its impact here.

Server Change Coming to RDA Toolkit jhennelly Tue, 08/24/2021 - 21:35

During the month of May work began on transferring RDA Toolkit and related websites to a new server and under the support and maintenance of a new developer. The sites included in this move are and, as well as and All the content currently on these sites will be transferred to the new server. This work will be completed by late October.