RDA Webinars

NARDAC Spring Update Forum jhennelly Wed, 03/01/2023 - 23:23

The North American RDA Committee (NARDAC) Update Forum is an event aimed at bringing together experts in the field of library and information science to present/discuss developments in RDA and RDA related cataloging work. In addition to an update on NARDAC work, this spring’s forum will feature three interesting topics: research about gendered language in non-English sources, RDA examples in the Toolkit, and PCC SCT RDA Training Task Group work and update. The distinguished speakers include Dr.

How to Propose a Change to RDA

The “Submit Feedback” link in the official RDA Toolkit enables users to provide information about typos, errors, and broken links, as well as suggested changes to the text. Some of this feedback has resulted in updates to RDA. But for more significant changes to RDA, cataloging communities have another venue to suggest modifications: the RDA change proposal process.