Jane-In, the Summer of Linked Data: the Jane-athon comes to San Francisco

A Jane-athon is a hackathon for metadata about Jane Austen and her works, where catalogers, developers, and vendors get together to explore RDA: Resource Description and Access and its application beyond the MARC environment. The first Jane-athon, Fun with Dick and Jane (and RDA), was a great success and a lot of fun. So make sure to include our event to your conference plans.

The second Jane-athon, the Jane-in, will take place at ALA Annual 2015 in San Francisco on Friday, June 26, 2015. It will be a day-long event, running from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.


Jane-in, The Summer of Linked Data: The Jane-athon comes to San Francisco

Event Code: ALA5
Moscone Convention Center
Room 2022-2024 West
Friday, June 26
8:30am - 4:30pm
San Francisco, CA

ALA Member $269
Non-Member $309

You want to attend the Jane-athon without registering for the ALA Conference?

No problem! Simply go to the registration link above, choose between the member or nonmember option (non members will have to create an ALA account but are not required to become members), and when you arrive at the Registration Category page and scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the Single Session option. After another page of questions, you will arrive at the Sessions and Events page, where you can chose the RDA Janeathon for purchase.


Drawing on the hackathon model of bringing people together to explore new ideas by setting them to task equipped only with software and their collective gumption and enthusiasm, ALA Publishing and the RDA Development Team held its first Jane-athon in Chicago (January 2015). The participants collectively created RDA data for 134 Jane Austen resources using software specifically designed for RDA input (RIMMF).

Now, ALA Publishing and the RDA Development Team are pleased to announce a sequel event that will have even more participants having fun, while creating RDA data for Jane Austen resources using RIMMF.

Once again, we will create pure RDA data from scratch or import data from MARC21 records, edit that data, and then export the resulting RDA data as RDF statements.

During the session participants will:

  • see a very brief review of RIMMF workflow
  • work in small guided groups to create RDA data for a variety of Jane Austen materials and related works, using RIMMF
  • see the results of their combined efforts in RIMMF views and RDF views
  • discuss issues you have identified from your use of RIMMF and RDA
  • discuss the big issues facing library linked data and shared cataloging

We expect the working groups to contain 4-6 members with varying experience of using RDA and RIMMF. There will be experts in RDA and RIMMF on hand to provide assistance. Each group will start with a specific category of Jane resources, such as the original novels, films of the novels, spin-off fiction (zombies!), and works about Jane and her writings.

Participant preparation
Before the session you should prepare to be an active participant (all these suggestions are optional but highly recommended if you wish to make the most of the Jane-athon):

  • download RIMMF3
    • Windows OS required
    • Apple OS users, email Diane Hillmann for assistance with options
  • view tutorials on how to use RIMMF to relate Work, Expression, Manifestation, Item, and Agent (PFC) data
  • attend a free 2-hour live RIMMF training session (highly recommended by participants at the first Jane-athon)--register for one of the live sessions here:
    • 10am-12pm (EDT) on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015
    • 2pm-4pm (EDT) on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015
  • practice rimmfing as many of your own resources as you can
  • download a folder of base data for Jane's resources from here, and make it your default folder:
    • see here for instructions
    • don’t edit the base records, report suggested changes to TMQ, if necessary
  • bring as many examples of Jane-related resources as you can, for use in the session; see here for guidelines on bringing scans or photocopies
  • bring your web-enabled laptop with RIMMF and the JaneBase data loaded and tested
  • training access to the RDA Toolkit will be provided for the session
  • if you are unable to bring a laptop or do any of the suggested steps above, come anyway and watch and help the team leader at your table do the actual rimmfing

After the session you will have:

  • a better appreciation of the functionality and utility of RDA without the constraints of the MARC format
  • an understanding of the basics of library linked data
  • an understanding of the issues facing collaborative cataloging in the Semantic Web.
  • a set of Jane data structured as pure RDA in RIMMF format, to play with, build on, and share with colleagues, available here
  • a set of Jane data structured as RDF linked data triples available here, to play with, build on, and share with colleagues and Jane-ite friends

Additional Links
For more about this event, return often to its webpage at the RDA Registry. This page will be updated with useful stuff as we get ready to go to San Francisco.

Disclaimer: We will not be teaching RDA, but we are confident that everyone will learn a great deal about relationships and linked data in RDA.

Bookmark this page for updates on this event.

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