Bug/Fix Function

RDA-116 Remove highlighted hits in examples when examples are excluded from search

Use Case

Users conducting an "Exclude Examples" search are confused by the presence of highlighted hits in the examples when clicking through to a search result. The highlighting of search terms is a process done separately from the search, so the presence of highlighted search terms in an example does not factor in the determination of search results. However, the highlighting in the examples is misleading and undermines user confidence in the search.

RDA-94 Correct number search in Advanced Search menu

Use Case

A user searched 5.2 in the Advanced Search menu with only AACR2 selected for searching. The user was taken directly to RDA instruction 5.2, rather than AACR2 rule 5.2. this was the result of the shortcut feature that takes you directly to an RDA instruction whenever the instruction number is entered into the search box.

RDA-90 Create visual cue that users are in Instruction Archive

Use Case

Because the Instruction Archive uses the same display as the regular RDA Instructions, users often forget they are in archive and become confused by the limited content.

RDA-3 Return to Search Results Missing for ERDs

Use Case

When a user clicks through to an ERD from a search results page, there is no “return to results” option on the ERD page display.

RDA-37 Fix TOC for AACR2 22.8


AACR2, the title for 22.8 (in the left hand column) lists itself as "Entry under Given Name, Etc. 11". "11" comes from a footnote number in the text and should not be in the display in the left hand column.

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