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RDA-125 Add links to AACR2 display

Use Case

Beginning in April 2013, AACR2 will only be available online at RD Toolkit. Cataloger Desktop subscribers will need a subscription to RDA Toolkit to access the AACR2 rules. Frequent users of AACR2 on Catalogers Desktop are used the interface provided on that site and and will have similar expectations for AACR2 on RDA Toolkit.

RDA-138 Replace AACR2 Example Images with Text

Use Case

Examples are in images (not text).

RDA-37 Fix TOC for AACR2 22.8


AACR2, the title for 22.8 (in the left hand column) lists itself as "Entry under Given Name, Etc. 11". "11" comes from a footnote number in the text and should not be in the display in the left hand column.

RDA-19 User Selectable Encoding Standard Preference(s)

Use Case

RDA and RDA Toolkit are designed to be encoding standard neutral, allowing it to be used with various current and future encoding standards (MARC, DC, etc.). Many users would not want to see examples of all encoding standards at all times. Users need the ability to set their preferred encoding standard(s), so that they see RDA examples displayed using their preferred encoding standard(s).

RDA-16 Display Inline Links to Relevant Cataloging Resources

Use Case

RDA Toolkit is a collection of cataloging documents, the most prominent being RDA: Resource Description and Access. Users will benefit from having deep links within RDA to other documents similar to the way RDA and LCPS are currently interlinked (see green LCPS link below).

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