Site Performance

RDA-128 Allow highlighting of PDF downloads of RDA text

Use Case

Users would like to add highlighting to the PDF format of RDA text.

RDA-97 Improve display of RDA Toolkit on mobile devices

Use Case

Many users have asked for better display of RDA Toolkit on tablets, phones, and other mobile devices. In order to help us evaluate the best way to make these improvements we would like to learn more about how users would like to use RDA in a mobile setting. Why are users trying to use RDA Toolkit on mobile devices (training, staff meetings, additional monitor, etc.) Where are users trying to use RDA Toolkit on mobile devices (their desk, meeting room, training room, classroom, offsite (home), etc.

RDA-11 Allow User to Pick Up Where They Left Off after Forced Time Out

Use Case

RDA Toolkit users are logged out of the site after a period of inactivity in order to free up a concurrent user so that it can be used by another person within the same institution.  When a user is determined to be inactive for whatever reason (user leaves computer without logging out, browser crashes or other technical problem, etc.), the system first warns about inactivity, and then, if no response or activity, the system logs out the user and displays a logout message.

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