July 2012

RDA Toolkit Release - August 14, 2012

A new release was pushed to the live site of RDA Toolkit on August 14, 2012. When there is a new release for RDA Toolkit, it is made on the second Tuesday of the month. Releases typically contain updates to content and metadata, enhancements to RDA Toolkit functionality, and fixes to existing bugs. You can subscribe to our RSS news feed to get notification of releases.

The details of the August release follow.

RDADRUPAL-2 Add captioning to archived webinar videos

Use Case

Many users would benefit from captioning on the videos of archived webinars.

RDA-100 Change LCPS icon to reflect new cooperation between LC and PCC

Use Case

The Library of Congress and the PCC are now cooperating on the development of RDA policy statements. So going forward they will together publish a single set of policy statements.

RDA-89 Change Update Revision icon so that it reflects date of update

Use Case

Users confuse the current icon (which reads 2012/01) as meaning Januray 2012, when the intention was that it would mean "First Update of 2012".

RDA-99 Display RDA in multiple languages in RDA Toolkit

Use Case

Due to the high cost of standard development and maintenance as well as the promise of increased interoperability and record sharing many countries outside the Anglo-American countries that implemented AACR2 are interested in implementing RDA as their cataloging standard. To facilitate and encourage the adoption for RDA outside English-speaking countries RDA Toolkit will display RDA in multiple languages.

RDA-98 Communicate RDA Data Model within RDA Toolkit

Use Case

To achieve broader international interoperability and encoding neutrality RDA chose to separate the RDA data model from data encoding by creating RDA Elements and RDA Vocabularies separate from any one data encoding. Independent from an specific encoding (MARC , DC, MODS, etc.) following RDA instructions requires the cataloger to enter specific data. For lack of a better term we call these data elements the RDA Data Model.

RDA-97 Improve display of RDA Toolkit on mobile devices

Use Case

Many users have asked for better display of RDA Toolkit on tablets, phones, and other mobile devices. In order to help us evaluate the best way to make these improvements we would like to learn more about how users would like to use RDA in a mobile setting. Why are users trying to use RDA Toolkit on mobile devices (training, staff meetings, additional monitor, etc.) Where are users trying to use RDA Toolkit on mobile devices (their desk, meeting room, training room, classroom, offsite (home), etc.

RDA-96 Redesign of display of RDA instructions

Use Case

The display of RDA instructions on RDA Toolkit results in wasted space and some deeply embedded instructions being crammed into narrow columns that do not aid reading comprehension. With the addition of new language versions of RDA, this issue will become even more pronounced.

RDA-95 Add 15-day alert that subscription is ending

Use Case

We often get emails from users who are surprised to discover that their subscription has lapsed. This usually happens because our renewal notices do not get to the proper person for this work.

RDA-94 Correct number search in Advanced Search menu

Use Case

A user searched 5.2 in the Advanced Search menu with only AACR2 selected for searching. The user was taken directly to RDA instruction 5.2, rather than AACR2 rule 5.2. this was the result of the shortcut feature that takes you directly to an RDA instruction whenever the instruction number is entered into the search box.

RDA-90 Create visual cue that users are in Instruction Archive

Use Case

Because the Instruction Archive uses the same display as the regular RDA Instructions, users often forget they are in archive and become confused by the limited content.

RDA-62 Allow link icons in Workflow documents to appear in printouts

Use Case

Link icons (RDA, AACR, etc,) disappear from workflow documents when you print them. Would like the icons to remain in place when printing workflows.