RDA-159 Change linking practice for cross references to a range of instructions

Use Case

In RDA Toolkit, a cross-reference to another instruction is a hyperlink with a label consisting of the instruction number followed by an RDA "button". The button is part of the hyperlink. This becomes inconsistent when the cross-reference is to a range of instructions, for example– RDA (from This is actually two hyperlinks: "", and " RDA". This presumably will confuse many users, who click the RDA button and expect to be taken to the first instruction in the range; instead the link is to the last instruction.

Proposed Solutions

Any solutions should address what is the most likely expectation of the typical RDA Toolkit user. Our users already may have adjusted to the current linking practice and be comfortable with it. Users may have other expectations for range links that are not included in this post. User input will be very valuable in addressing this issue. Some possible solutions include...

  1. Keep the RDA "button" but remove it from the hyperlink. Example: "" links to first instruction in the range, and "" links to last instruction; "RDA" is not a link.
  2. Make the whole range a single hyperlink to the first instruction in the range; the button remains part of that hyperlink. Example: " RDA" links to
  3. Add the button to the first part of the range. Example: " RDA- RDA", with " RDA" linking to the first instruction in the range, and " RDA" linking to the last.

Option 3 was selected.


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I prefer solution 3, that

I prefer solution 3, that permits explicit linkage to both ends of the range. Easily coded in the current templates too.

Pat Riva
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Definitely solution #2.