Special Release to RDA Toolkit -- Spanish RDA

On March 11 RDA Toolkit rolled out the Spanish translation of RDA. The Spanish translation is accessible to all with a a subscription to RDA Toolkit. Users whose browser language preference is set to Spanish will be automatically logged into the Spanish version of RDA. Users may also log into to their profiles and set Spanish as their preferred language.

Originally the Spanish translation was expected to be part of the February 2015 release, but some editorial and technical snags encountered last month made it impractical to include the translation in the February release. Rather than wait for the April release, it was decided to roll out the Spanish translation as soon as it was ready. This is the reason for the "Special Release" to RDA Toolkit yesterday.

The Spanish translation of RDA on RDA Toolkit is complete through the April 2014 release of the original RDA. The user interface in the toolkit has also been translated for Spanish language user. Unfortunately the RDA"Element Set has not been yet been translated to Spanish, but we anticipate having this ready for the April release (currently expected to be live on April 14). There are also a handful of user screens that still need translation. Again this will be completed with the April release.

A preface to the Spanish translation is available on the RDA browse tab of the toolkit. More information about the translation partnership between the Co-Publishers of RDA and Rojas Eberhard Editores is found here.