RDA Toolkit Release - April 22, 2014

A new release of RDA Toolkit was published on April 22, 2014. When there is a new release for RDA Toolkit, it is typically made on the second Tuesday of the month. This release was pushed back to fourth Tuesday due to number and complexity of changes associated with the RDA Update. Releases typically contain changes to content and metadata, enhancements to RDA Toolkit functionality, and fixes to existing bugs. You can subscribe to our RSS development feed to get notification of releases.

The details of the April release follow.

Content Updates

The Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA (JSC) issued an update to the content of RDA: Resource Description and Access that was included in this release. The update contained approved proposals from the November 2013 JSC meeting. The details of the changes are available through the RDA Update History section found at the bottom of the RDA tab in RDA Toolkit. Those changes are also available in the “Sec final” versions of the proposals posted on the JSC web site. Minor changes and corrections of typographical errors are listed in 6JSC/Sec/12. This update currently appears only in the original English version of RDA. The update will be applied to the French and German translations of RDA at a date to be determined.

The release also included revisions and updates to the RDA: Element Set, MARC/RDA bibliographic and authority mappings.

The release contained revisions to Library of Congress-Program for Cooperative Cataloging Policy Statements (LC-PCC PS) and National Library of Australia Policy Statements (NLA PS) in response to the update changes. This revision included additions and deletions of policy statements, corrections of typos, and revisions of some existing policy statements. A complete list of the revised LC-PCC PSs is available on the Library of Congress website.

Finally, the release will include the addition of the Music Library Association's Best Practices for Music Cataloging Using RDA and MARC21. More on this content in the Development Updates section.

Development Updates

This release included an improvement to the RDA Toolkit Secure Center (the administrative site for RDA Toolkit subscribers) so that reports will reflect the subscriber's local time zone. [UPDATE: Development work on this function is still ongoing but will be rolled out as soon as possible.]

The document Best Practices for Music Cataloging Using RDA and MARC21 from the Music Library Association was made available as a free downloadable pdf on our site. You will be able to access the pdf through the left column navigation on this site, through the Resources tab of RDA Toolkit, or through by bookmarking the URL--http://www.rdatoolkit.org/musicbestpractices.


A number of typographical and site errors were fixed.


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update schedule

If you have any update plan after April 22nd, could you please tell me the schedule for the next one year?

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Update schedule

Could you please tell me the next update schedule for RDA Toolkit after April 22?
Also I appreciate if you would tell me whether the unpublished chapter (e.g. section4, 10) will be released within 2014.

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Update Schedule

The next update to RDA is expected in April of 2015. The next release to RDA Toolkit is scheduled for August 12, 2014, and other releases are currently scheduled for October 2014, February 2015 and April 2105.

James Hennelly
Managing Editor
RDA Toolkit

James Hennelly is the Managing Editor of ALA Digital Reference.