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Now available in the RDA Toolkit!

  • ALA Digital Reference Publisher Troy Linker joined Amigos Library Services at "RDA @ Your Library: An Online Conference about Resource Description and Access" in early February to present "AACR2 to RDA: Using the RDA Toolkit." He offered background and tips for making a successful transition from AACR2 to RDA and how the RDA Toolkit can help. The presentation is now archived and free on the RDA Toolkit website.
    Watch the presentation now!

    Summary of the presentation:

    • An overview of the new vocabulary, organization, functions, and resources in the RDA Toolkit that can help AACR2 users quickly interact with RDA.
    • Support built into the RDA Toolkit that helps in migrating from AACR2 to the RDA Toolkit.
    • How AACR2 is integrated into the RDA Toolkit.
    • RDA Mappings and Workflows, Element Set, and the “three-tab” concept.
    • Enhancements including improved searching of RDA by AACR2 rule number.
    • Links to more in-depth resources on the FRBR and FRAD conceptual models.
  • Also available on the RDA Toolkit website are free archives of all previous RDA Toolkit webinars.
  • And did you know that the Library of Congress Policy Statements (LCPS) are now freely available in the RDA Toolkit? You don't need an RDA Toolkit subscription to access the LCPS.
  • Purchase your RDA Toolkit subscriptions online from anywhere in the world! Note that the online store calculates for you the double-user offer* through August 31, 2011. Check out how easy it is to subscribe online.

*What’s the double-user offer? During the evaluation and initial implementation of RDA when you are likely to need more frequent concurrent access, you receive double the purchased number of concurrent users of the RDA Toolkit at no additional charge for your first subscription period. (For example, buy a 2-user site license and get a 4-user license for no additional cost.)

Resource Description and Access (RDA) and the RDA Toolkit are published by the Co-Publishers for RDA (the American Library Association, the Canadian Library Association, and Facet Publishing, the publishing arm of CILIP: the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals).