Joint Steering Committee for RDA (JSC)

Committee of Principals Governance Transition Plan

Last month the Committee of Principles affirmed their commitment to the internationalization of the RDA standard and stated that a transition plan for the new governance structure prior to the IFLA conference this month. In fulfillment of this task the Committee has released Transition timescales for RDA Governance.

RDA at Midwinter 2013

Policies for handling hybrid records and copy cataloging after the March 31st implementation day were a key topic of RDA discussions at ALA's 2013 Midwinter Meeting that wrapped up yesterday in Seattle.

RDA Toolkit Outcomes from the 2012 JSC Meeting

The Committee of Principals (COP) and the Joint Steering Committee for the Development of RDA (JSC) held independent and joint meetings last week in Chicago. The outcomes of the JSC and COP meetings will be published on the JSC website in the coming weeks. The JSC considered over 50 proposals for revisions to RDA. Approved proposals will be added to RDA and released to RDA Toolkit in April 2013.

Reports from the JSC Conference last week.

Last Week the Joint Steering Committee for the development of RDA: Resource Description and Access (JSC) met in Glasgow, Scotland with a long list of issues to cover. You can review the agenda here, and you can get a quick update on JSC rulings and decisions from John Attig's blog. Mr. Attig, the Authority Control Librarian at Pennsylvania State University, serves as the ALA representative to the JSC.

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