Connexion (OCLC)

OCLC Connexion and RDA

For those cataloging in RDA or training in RDA, there was some good news last month from OCLC. The release of version 2.40 of Connexion client included the option to use RDA workforms (for both bibliographic and authority records) rather than the AACR2 forms. It also included an enhancement to the MARC linking service that allows subscribers to use IP authentication to connect to RDA Toolkit from Connexion rather than entering an Account ID and password. Both these enhancements should make life for RDA catalogers a little easier.

Vendor Interview -- OCLC

This week's interview is with OCLC, the organization behind WorldCat, Connexion and several other library-related products and services. The responses have been provided by Glenn Patton, Director, WorldCat Quality Management Division, OCLC.

Question 1: Is your cataloging system current with MARC 21 updates 9, 10, and 11, which made changes to MARC to accommodate RDA? If not, do you plan to update, and do you have a timeline for updating? Have you made the changes for both bibliographic and authority records?

Why Your Institutional Login Matters

Did you know that all RDA Toolkit institutional accounts have an institutional user name and password in addition to your personal profile name and password? Many users are automatically recognized by their institution's IP address and rarely need to enter the institution user name and password. But, if you are an institutional user, you likely will find it useful to keep your additional login information handy. Here are two reasons why.

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