RDA Toolkit

Update to RDA Examples

The RDA Examples have been updated to reflect changes in the RDA instructions and the MARC 21 bibliographic and authority formats. Some examples have been replaced, and a few new examples have been added. These examples show an RDA element set view and a MARC encoding view of bibliographic and authority records. The examples are freely available to all. No subscription to RDA Toolkit is required to access and download the examples.

Spanish RDA Update

UPDATE: We expect to publish the Spanish translation of RDA on Wednesday, March 11.

A New Phase for RDA Toolkit

With implementation of RDA growing and the rollout phase of RDA Toolkit completed, the Co-Publishers of RDA Toolkit are focusing on a new phase of RDA Toolkit development. Going froward we will seek to improve services and systems used by both subscribers and authoring groups. Dakota Systems has been selected to provide technology services as we make changes to the content management and authoring systems in the coming months. In the coming months we will introduce a new approach to collecting community input on needed improvements to the user experience of RDA Toolkit.

RDA Toolkit Update - February 2013

Recent RDA Toolkit Improvements

Over the last 6 months the co-publishers for RDA have released the following updates and improvements to RDA Toolkit. Follow the links below to read more about each improvement.

About Our Growing Video Help Page

What better way to discuss our growing library of help videos than with a video blog entry.

RDA Toolkit Outcomes from the 2012 JSC Meeting

The Committee of Principals (COP) and the Joint Steering Committee for the Development of RDA (JSC) held independent and joint meetings last week in Chicago. The outcomes of the JSC and COP meetings will be published on the JSC website in the coming weeks. The JSC considered over 50 proposals for revisions to RDA. Approved proposals will be added to RDA and released to RDA Toolkit in April 2013.

SirsiDynix joins RDA Toolkit's roster of Linking Partners

This week SirsiDynix rolled out the Symphony 3.4.1 Service pack 2 which included enhancements to make the popular ILS more compatible with RDA cataloging. Of particular note is that this updated version of Symphony now allows context-sensitive linking to RDA instructions for those users with RDA Toolkit subscriptions. With this update, SirsiDynix joins our growing list of linking partners.

MARC Report now supports MARC Linking to RDA Toolkit

Here is some more good news for those of you cataloging in RDA or training in RDA, this time from Deborah and Richard Fritz, authors of MARC21 for Everyone (ALA, 2003), and co-owners of The MARC of Quality (TMQ). They have informed us that MARC Report, their error checking software for MARC records, now includes:

  • Hot-key linking, via RDA Toolkit's MARC Linking Service, to easily locate the appropriate RDA instructions for each specific MARC element in a record; and

An RDA Guide to 2012 ALA Annual Conference

The 2012 ALA Annual Conference is a week away. Library folk from across the country and the world will assemble in Anaheim, California, from June 21 through June 25, and there will be plenty of events for those with RDA on their mind. Below is our guide to the best of the RDA -related goings-on. Between events be sure to visit the RDA Toolkit booth (#1823, near the ALA Store) for a demo of our product or answers to any RDA questions you might have.

OCLC Connexion and RDA

For those cataloging in RDA or training in RDA, there was some good news last month from OCLC. The release of version 2.40 of Connexion client included the option to use RDA workforms (for both bibliographic and authority records) rather than the AACR2 forms. It also included an enhancement to the MARC linking service that allows subscribers to use IP authentication to connect to RDA Toolkit from Connexion rather than entering an Account ID and password. Both these enhancements should make life for RDA catalogers a little easier.

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