May 2013

Multilingual RDA

With the May release to RDA Toolkit, RDA: Resource Description and Access became a multilingual standard, and RDA Toolkit became a multilingual website. French and German language versions of RDA are now accessible to all subscribers of RDA Toolkit. In 2012 ALA Publishing, on behalf of the RDA Co-Publishers, entered into an agreement for the French language translation of RDA with ASTED (Association pour l’avancement des sciences et des techniques de la documentation).

Rewording RDA

The following post was written by Chris Oliver, Copy Editor for the Rewording of RDA.

The aim of the rewording project was to improve the readability of the text of RDA while preserving the exact meaning and intent of all the instructions. The original RDA had a distinctive rhythm, a consistent style, and a well-planned structure. While working on readability, it was also important to ensure that the reworded text would fit as smoothly as possible with the text that was left unchanged.