Some Useful RDA Documentation

Last week Cathy Lamoureaux of Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh posted a very helpful collection of RDA documents to AUTOCAT. For those who might have missed this posted, we have included it here with the author's permission. The value of the documents for RDA training is readily evident and requires no further explanation from me.

Hi all,

In recent weeks, I have been preparing documentation to assist the catalogers and copy catalogers at my library with the transition to RDA. As a lurker on AUTOCAT for several years now, I have learned a lot from the thoughtful posts of many subscribers. So in light of that spirit of cooperation and some of the recent posts from others seeking assistance in getting ready for the implementation of RDA, I thought it might be helpful to share what I have come up with.

Many have compared learning how to catalog in RDA and how to navigate the FRBR-infused RDA Toolkit with learning a new language, and this analogy makes a lot of sense to me. In the beginning, you keep translating the new words you are learning back into the words you are already familiar with in the language you know best, and then gradually you gain confidence in speaking and eventually thinking in terms of the new language. With this in mind, I have prepared my documentation in terms of MARC and AACR2 because although both seem destined to disappear (losses that I mourn), for the time being these are the "languages" that most catalogers know best.

The following four documents are available as PDF files via SkyDrive and the first document is also available as a global workflow in the RDA Toolkit under the prefix "CLP":

I have been trying to keep my documents up-to-date as changes occur, but since best practices are such a moving target right now this is difficult (e.g., the debate just this week about the best 338 term for Playaways). In the coming weeks, I plan to revise the documents as best practices for various types of materials are developed and as our local policies and practices evolve, so please check back periodically if you find the documents to be helpful.

Cathy Lamoureaux
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh


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Use of Blog and RDA terminnology


1. Can I only add comment(s) to the post(s) already existed on the Blog? Can't I create a new post, how?

2. "Work" according to RDA is "a distinct intellectual or artistic creation". In practical terms, interpreting/implementing "distinct" either makes the "work" an "expression" or a "manifestation". How to distinguish a "work" from "expression" or "manifestation" in the light of "distinct" in practical terms?

Please advise with examples.

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RE: RDA Cataloging

Since the works are different forms (i.e., not both poems or both short stories), the conventional collective title "240 10 Works. $k Selections" would be used and the 245 would be "245 10 Sadd e Barg ; $b Sahra Nasheen / $c Ahmad Nadeem Qasimi."

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RDA cataloging

Keeping in view RDA rule number, how to write the preferred title for two of the works of a person in one compilation as per below title page of the book:

Ahmad Nadeem Qasimi

Sadd e Barg
Sahra Nasheen

Note: Former is a poem, and latter is a short story. Please advise.