RDA Toolkit Update - February 2013

Recent RDA Toolkit Improvements

Over the last 6 months the co-publishers for RDA have released the following updates and improvements to RDA Toolkit. Follow the links below to read more about each improvement.

RDA Toolkit Release Schedule

In the past RDA Toolkit has not had a published release schedule. Going forward RDA Toolkit will be updated on a Bi-monthly schedule with updates in even numbered months. In months with a release the release will be published on the second Tuesday of the month with a pre-release announcement posted to the RDA Toolkit Development blog one week before the release.

Each release may contain: RDA Fast-Track changes, RDA Toolkit improvements, new RDA Toolkit content like RDA Translations and additional RDA policy statements. In addition to typical releases one release a year (tentatively April) will contain the Annual RDA Update from the JSC which is the result of community proposals discussed during the annual JSC meeting. The changes that result from this annual RDA Update are tracked in the RDA Toolkit’s update history section.

February Release Postponed

Due to an ongoing technical issue the co-publishers for RDA have postponed the February Release to RDA Toolkit. The current RDA Toolkit site is stable and unaffected by this issue. The RDA Toolkit Multilingual interface, French and German RDA translations, RDA Fast-track changes, RDA Reworded chapters, and LC-PCC PS changes scheduled for February have been postponed. We regret this interruption to site updates and improvements and any inconveniences this causes our users. We are striving to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Follow the RDA Toolkit Development Blog and RSS feed for further updates.

Planned RDA Toolkit Improvements

In the coming months we have the following updates and improvements planned for RDA Toolkit. Follow the links below to read more about each improvement.

RDA Rewording

First batch of reworded chapters (9, 10, 11, & 6) were released in RDA Toolkit in Dec. 2012. Remaining reworded chapters will be released as available with the expectation that all reworded chapters released by mid 2013.

RDA Print

A new print accumulation of RDA will be issued once all of the reworded chapters are complete (currently expected in mid 2013). All changes made to RDA up to and including the 2013 RDA Update will be included. Annual print updates are expected to this accumulation beginning in mid 2014 and every year thereafter.

Essential RDA

A companion to RDA with a foundation of RDA basic instructions and core elements. An editor (or team of editors) with expertise in RDA and oversight from the JSC will shape the material into a practical guide. Essential RDA (working title) will be available in multiple formats including print and e-book in addition to inclusion in RDA Toolkit.


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Announcement List

Is there a list I can sign up for that will notify me of any updates to the RDA?

Mitchell Ragsdale

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Not Necessarily

At this point it is unlikely that there will be an update prior to April. We will make an announcement on the revised schedule as soon as it is ready.

James Hennelly
Managing Editor
ALA Digital Reference

James Hennelly is the Managing Editor of ALA Digital Reference.

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February update

I take it that the postponed February update will still be separate from and issued prior to the April update?

Mark K. Ehlert